Molokai Island Is Off The Beaten Path / by Norris McDonald

Molokai Showing Hoolehua.jpg

Molokai is one of the 6 islands (that are visit-able) that make up Hawaii.  Molokai isn’t for everyone. It is not like the rest of Hawaii. It is slow.  It is not touristic.  It is the original Hawaii.  It is for people who really want to slow down and experience the old Hawaii and it’s culture. For those people, they will fall in love with Molokai. But if people are looking for tours, resorts, and decadent restaurants – they won’t find it here.  

Hotel Molokai.jpg

Monokai has the Hotel Molokai and there are a few other places to stay; 5 condo complexes, and some home rentals. All in all there’s a total of 400 rooms on the whole island.  There are only 2 liquor licenses for establishments on the island.  (Otts World)