Bike For The Environment Program

The Center for Environment, Commerce and Energy (Center) holds the health of all people at the top of its agenda. We are promoting this agenda in a creative way by bicycling from Long Beach, California to Key West, Florida in only three months’ time (April 1, 2017- July 1, 2018) in our Bike For The Environment Program (BEP). We will be spreading awareness about bicycling as a form of environmentally friendly transportation and healthy living.  We will also be spreading awareness of the need for more environmentally friendly brands and products, as well as bring attention to the products and brands that exist today.

We will demonstrate to the general public easy ways in which they can reduce their carbon and air pollutant footprints, one small change at a time. We intend to utilize products available on the market today to show the ease of using a renewable resource even in your daily life. We will test products against similar products on the market in order to establish ease of product use, price, and power production. Some of these products we will use every day on our cross country tour and will feature in multiple social media posts expressing the products effect of whittling away at our carbon and air pollution footprints. 

Program Organization

We will be stopping at various state and national parks along our route, advertising the intense need for preservation of these sites, reminding the public to get outside in the fresh air and the need to preserve that fresh air. We intend to spread awareness of the areas in each state we pass through and demonstrate how to carry out that lifestyle in each area.

We will promote bicycling companies using traditional and social media by bringing attention to the touring bikes we use, their reliability, and the Clean Air Act Criteria air pollutants and carbon emissions you save each time you choose to bike instead of drive. We will calculate the impact choosing to bike across the country, instead of drive, has on the environment.  We will express the impact that bicycling every day has on your health over time.

For instance, one gallon of gas produces twenty pounds of carbon dioxide when driving in an automobile.  It is approximately 2,700 miles from Long Beach, California to Key West, Florida.  A car that gets 30 miles per gallon (mpg) will use 90 gallons of gasoline to cross the country.  That will produce approximately 1,800 pounds of CO2.   Our bicycling across the country will save almost a ton of CO2.

The Bike For The Environment Program will provide the public with the general information they need to make changes in their everyday lives to combat climate change and support renewable energies in many forms. Living environmentally conscious, healthy and active lives is a strong path towards a long happy life.  The exercise component of the BEP is also very important and we will monitor our caloric intake and other physical characteristics produced by the trip. 

The BEP will:

1)    Post daily to various traditional and social media outlets, giving information and updates to the public.

2)    Bicycle from Long Beach, CA to Key West, FL never utilizing fossil fuels.

3)    Raise money to support the research the CfECE does every year to prioritize health and provide plentiful, sustainable energy.

4)    Promote and advertise products and brands that align with the BEP agenda.


The Bike For The Environment Program will provide valuable information and guidance to the general public through media regarding global warming, climate change, renewable energy sources, healthy living, and shopping environmentally consciously.

The BEP will also illustrate the importance of our state and national parks.  Thanks to modern technology, we can broadcast much if not all of our bicycle journey via Facebook Live and other social media.  We will also utilize mainstream media to publicize the BEP.

Time Frame

This proposal is for a three month period.  We will bicycle from April 1st, 2017 to July 1st, 2018.